Use the Zoho CRM system with its auxiliary modules 

Start with a fully-ready CRM system. You will not need to develop because it contains many necessary modules within the CRM system that you will purchase with CRM Plus package.

Integrate Reporting and Project Management with CRM 

When reports on CRM are not enough, you can prepare much more detailed reports on Zoho Reports. With Zoho Projects, which comes with the CRM Plus package, you can manage all your projects in one integrated way with CRM on a single platform.

With Zoho Campaigns, make integrated e-mail campaigns with CRM! 

You can also have Zoho Campaigns, where you can send mail campaigns with the CRM Plus package. If you wish, you can send your mail camaigns to your CRM data via your campaigns.

Get internal and external processes done with the Desk system integrated with CRM 

You can use Zoho Desk Service , which is integrated with the CRM system, which you can use both as an enterprise and for your business, with the CRM Plus package.

To have Zoho CRM with CRM Plus package and integrated programs in this system in one package; 

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Zoho CRM References 

Fenerbahçe Sports Club

Koç University


Osmanlı Menkul

Some Applications Included in CRM Plus Package


New Generation CRM System


E-mail Campaign Manager

Sales IQ

Live Chat Module and Web Site Tracking


Project Management Application


Sales Support and Service Desk

Other Zoho Applications

Zoho CRM Plus Package also includes applications that offer solutions for Social Media Management, Sales Tracking, Detailed Reporting and Surveying.