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Zoho CRM is one of the most popular CRM systems in the world. See over 7 million users worldwide, and more than 50,000 companies using the Zoho CRM application.

Sales & Marketing Applications

Zoho's has the marketing area-specific, automations and also integrations with Zoho CRM and most popular applications are available.

Office Management Applications

Zoho offers integrated solutions to corporate companies with cloud-based smart business programs. Review office management programs that will increase the productivity of your employees and create a synergy.

Financial Applications

Check out our invoice, fixed billing and expense tracking applications which integreated with Zoho CRM

Human Resources Applications

Check out the Zoho Applications offering new presentations with a new perspective on recruitment and HR processes.

IT Programs 

Check out the cloud-based Zoho IT programs that all IT teams need.

Project Management Applications

Check out our project management applications where you can track your jobs and projects with your team, assign tasks to each other, integrate with CRM.

Customer & Sales Support Applications

Check out our applications that you can use while you support your customers with their sales and service requests.

Special Solutions for Specific Industries

Check out all the screens, areas, workflows, and modules as well as the industry-specific CRM and cloud-based business applications that Cloudyflex has specifically designed for.

All Products

Check out all Zoho products we offer as Cloudyflex Team.