Our Success Stories

Sector : Real Estate / Business Type : B2C

Founder - Murat Padar

Intro Property, has a expert staff and has over 10 years of experience in leading companies operating in Turkey and also in the international real estate investment and consultancy. We connect with primarily branded residential projects in Turkey with buyers amongst many countries around the world including Middle Eastern countries.

Before Zoho, we had to produce solutions on different platforms for different jobs. These systems and processes, which operate independently of each other, reduce our efficiency and reduce our sales force.

Thanks to Zoho, we have found solutions for the digital transformation of our company in our CRM, sales, after-sales and reporting (analysis) processes. We are 95% satisfied with the results.

Our company also use CRM, Mail, Forms, Analytics, Survey etc. We use the Zoho One package with 35 solutions.

Thanks to Zoho's web-based and useful interface, we started to use it effectively in a 3-month period.

Especially with Zia's emotion analysis feature, our support team can communicate with the customer at the most convenient time. Our second favorite feature is Motivator, which brings motivation to maximum levels by creating a sweet competition between people in the same department.

We are very pleased with the service and consultancy services provided by Cloudyflex expert team. They were always away from a phone, especially in situations that would cause crisis situations.

Sector : Education / Business Type : B2B

Education Designer & Business Development Consultant - Tülay Korkmaz

Istanbul Business School is an institution that provides world class training with its instructor staff, which reinforces technology through experience.

At Istanbul Business School, we use the Zoho One package and efficiently manage and use our data with the applications included in this package. The Zoho Campaigns app was very helpful for us, especially for bulk email submissions.

With Cloudyflex, we are able to use Zoho products more effectively with our trainings from Cloudyflex.

We are very satisfied with the service we received from Cloudyflex and our goal is to be one of the best Zoho using company in Turkey together with the trainings.