Advanced Reporting and Big Data Management

With the Zoho Analytics application, you can manage intensive data from many sources and analyze it visually rich. You can access your reports from any media, including your smartphones, and share them instantly with top management or your customers.

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Infrastructure for Big Data Management 

Analyze intensive data flowing from multiple sources. Your data can flow from various SQL or NonSQL databases, other cloud systems, IOT devices and sensors, various business applications, and of course Zoho CRM . You can store data from different sources in a single system and visually report them. 

Rich in Visual Analysis and Schemination 

Zoho Analytics makes it easier for you to analyze intensive data. You can create powerful visual schemes with drag and drop method. 

Versatile Reporting Options 

Zoho Analytics offers a rich variety of reports.Specify the structure to use in your reports. If you wish, you can create and merge different reports and use them together.

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