Online E-mail Campaign Manager

You can easily send your mail campaigns via Zoho Campaigns, receive detailed reports of your campaigns and integrate with your CRM system.

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Send campaigns within 5 Minutes 

You can send your e-mail campaigns within less than 5 minutes via Zoho Campaigns or send your send to a later date and time.

Easy CRM Integration 

You can easily integrate Zoho Campaigns into Zoho CRM and other CRM systems, send e-mail to your data on CRM, and transfer your delivery logs and reports to the CRM system.

Permission Based User Management 

You can keep all of your subscribers permissions in Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM. Zoho Campaigns is GDPR ready.

Detailed and Simple Reporting 

You can get your reports from Zoho Campaigns on how many people opened, who didn't get your campaign , who clicked the links, who forged the mail, and other detailed breaks from simple screens.

Easy-to-Use Interface 

With the easy screens of Zoho Campaigns, you can easily handle what you want to do and easily access the tabs you are looking for.

Work from Mobile

With Zoho Campaigns Mobile support, you can set up mail and browse live reports as long as your smartphone is with you.