Online Corporate Intranet Platform

With Zoho Connect, you can get rid of old Intranet systems and start using an Intranet that's easy to use, social and where you can easily share all procedures and guides. You can now use and manage Intranet without relying on your IT department.

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Easy to Use Interface

You do not need to install a server to use Zoho Connect. You can start using your username and password and create your own intranet.

Share Your Procedures, Manuals, and Partner Files 

By categorizing important procedures and guides within your company, you can share your intranet with your employees and show only the documents you want with the privileges you have given.

Get Rid of Old Looking Intranet Systems

Stop using Old looking Intranet systems with Zoho Connect and switch to a more modern, faster, socially faster Intranet system.