Custom Application Builder

With Zoho Creator, you can create applications that you want to run on mobile or web based, or you can create it from a wide range of ready systems.

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Build Your Own System from Ready Applications 

Download and organize over 50 ready applications such as event management, sales management, logistics, training management and portals from Zoho Creator to your own system.

Create All Pages and Fields to With Advanced Settings

With Zoho Creator, you can make edits of each page and area into the smallest detail in your application.

Integrate With the Application You Want 

Integrate your application made in Zoho Creator to your favorite apps and sites.

Design Your Own Mobile Application

  • Break down your app by each form and its entities.
  • See how an entity and attribute are related, and how actions affect one another.
  • Control how users access your apps by creating profiles for them.
  • Drag and drop elements to set up your workflows to work automatically.

Speed Up Your Coding Process

  • Develop your entire app on a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Save time by employing pre-built schedules on your apps.
  • Use default scripts instead of coding from scratch.
  • Repurpose workflows you created in other apps.

Embrace visual development in dashboards.

  • Create eye-popping pages with a code-free drag-and-drop builder.
  • Pick panel designs for your dashboards from a gallery of pre-built templates.
  • Dive into detailed reports from your dashboards through personalized buttons.
  • Feel free to completely overwrite default HTML and CSS on these templates.
IT & Management
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
Customer Relationship
Vertical Solutions
IT & Management

Time Tracker

Task Companion

Session Manager

Travel Manager

Contact Management

Project Tracker

Appointment Manager

Visitor Tracker


IT Asset Follower

Accident Follower

Meeting Management

Sales and Marketing

Time Tracker

Task Companion

Session Manager

Travel Manager

Contact Management

Product Catalog Manager

Email Marketing

Lead Management



Shop Management

Distributor Manager

Logistics Management

Fleet Management

Inventory Management

Order Management

Facility Management

Repair Management


Library Manager

Event Management

Education Manager

Lesson Planner

Participation Manager

Assignment Manager

Program Manager

Note Management

Human Resources

Evolution Management

Input / Output Followers

Recruitment Manager

Employee Manager

HR Manager

Approval Management

Emergency Input / Output Management


Event Manager

Volunteer Portal

Donation Manager


Cost Manager

Travel Manager

Credit Manager

Finance Manager

Personal Finance Manager

Customer Relationship

Customer Service Follower

Service and Support Desk Management

Search Logs and Management

Vertical Solutions

Food and Service Sector


Event Management

Asset Management

Real estate


Hotel Management

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