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Take advantage of Zoho CRM's ready integration with popular applications such as Google Adwords and Microsoft Office. Integration is much easier now than you think.

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2019 PC MAG Business Choice Award Winner : Zoho CRM

PCMag.com's 2019 Business Choice Award was given to the Zoho CRM system. Have a look at the detailed features of Zoho CRM and its comparisons with competitors.

Zoho CRM Features
Other Awards
2019 Magic Quadrant Challenger
2019 - Peer Insights Customers Choice
2019 - Best CRM Software
2019 - Expert's Choice
2019 - Great User Experience
2019 - Emotional Footprint Champion

Highlighted Features of Zoho CRM

Web Forms
Mobile CRM
Lead Man.

Dynamic Reports

With the reports on Zoho CRM, you can get reports about all the data you keep on your CRM system, save these reports to the system, export them in excel, pdf and csv formats, visualize them with graphs, and allow the people or departments to see the reports with the permissions on CRM.

Zoho CRM Features

Visualize Your Reports With Dashboards

With the dashboards on Zoho CRM, you can visualize your existing reports as you wish, or create dashboards of the data you want on the dashboard screen without even preparing a report.

On Zoho CRM Boards; You can create graphical, KPI Based, Target Based, Funnel Analysis, Comparator and Alert based views and share these dashboards with any team or department.
Zoho CRM Features
Web Forms

Get Rid of Web Form Integration

Thanks to the Web to Lead forms on Zoho CRM, you can create web forms that will work integrated to your CRM system with the drag and drop method without coding in a very short time.

You can then use these forms on your website or other media and design your form as you wish.
Zoho CRM Features
Mobile CRM

Work From Anywhere With Mobile CRM

Thanks to the existing application of Zoho CRM on IOS and Android devices, you can access your CRM system from anywhere.

With the Mobile Application of Zoho CRM; You can review reports and dashboards, follow your potential customers on the map, view your meetings, meetings and activities on CRM and share your notes instantly.

Thanks to the Card Scanner feature of Zoho CRM Mobile Application, you can scan your business cards with your camera and save them as Lead, Customer or Person in your CRM system.
Zoho CRM Features

Use Basıc Integrations

With Zoho CRM's Ready Integrations, you can quickly integrate your CRM system with popular applications and systems.

Thanks to Zoho CRM's Google Adwords Integration, you can save data on all ads you place on Google Network into your CRM system and optimize your advertising investments more efficiently with the data on your Leads from your AdWords ads.

You can integrate your Zoho CRM system with Office365 and G-Suite and follow all your processes such as mail, meeting, calendar, event via Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM also integrates with all other Zoho Apps.

With Zoho Marketplace, you can integrate your CRM system with any popular application. Click here to see the applications in the Zoho Marketplace that works with App Store logic.
Zoho CRM Features

Customize Your CRM Screens With Anyway You Want

You can edit all modules and fields on the Zoho CRM System as you wish and get benefit from the custom fields.

With this way, you can create a CRM System specific to your company and your sector and work more effectively.
Zoho CRM Features

Manage Your Processes With Automation

With Zoho CRM's Workflows, you can set up your own Workflows without having any coding knowledge and connect your processes to automation as you wish.

In addition, through Zoho CRM Advanced Workflows, Special Functions, Assignment Rules, you can strengthen your automation with your own software.
Zoho CRM Features
Lead Man.

Manage All Processes for Your Leads

With the Lead Scoring System on Zoho CRM, you can rate the leads in your CRM system according to the actions of your Potential Customers, enabling you to distribute qualified Sales Lead to your Sales Team.

With Zoho CRM's Assignment Rules, you can reduce the intensity on your Sales Team by distributing your Leads in your CRM system to your team with Status, Resource, Sector or any other filters you want.

By converting your leads into Sales Opportunities, you can effectively measure your Marketing Performance, Channels and Activities.
Zoho CRM Features

Zoho CRM-WhatsApp Is In Your Service

    Zoho CRM and WhatsApp are now integrated. With this integration;
  • You can instantly transfer WhatsApp conversations to CRM.
  • You can transfer your speech notes, customer demographics and requests to CRM and generate reports based on this information.
  • With the WhatsApp integration, your entire team is available to your customers with a single mobile phone number.
  • Unlimited messaging, unlimited contacts and Agent based packages starting from 20 Agents.
  • Sendbee: WhatsApp Messaging Management Platform offers you to take advantage of Team Inbox, Automations and Bots, Guide Management and Segmentation.
Details of the Integration

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