Easy Integrations and Smart Screens

You can easily integrate the Zoho CRM system with other widely used programs and applications, and you can access your Zoho CRM from your smartphone.

Zoho CRM / Google Adwords Integration

Zoho CRM enables you to track your customers entire purchase journey. Follow the amount of advertising campaigns you've made on Google Adwords in Zoho CRM. 

Zoho CRM / Office 365 Integration

Zoho CRM is now integrated with Office 365. By downloading Office 365 from Zoho CRM, you can connect two applications and synchronize all your data. Your users, links and calendar in one place. 

Get Mobile CRM and Acces It From Anywhere

Are you away from the office? Access everything from sales to your mobile phone or tablet. And you don't need to connect to the Internet!

Interactive Fields

With Zoho CRM's interactive areas, you can make forms faster and easier to fill. You will speed up your sales team because they will deal with the areas that correspond to your needs, and you will avoid confusion due to information density.

Zia - Artificial Intelligence Assisted Assistant

Zia can learn how things work in the company. It analyzes your activities that are transformed into sales and can show you the potential goals that you can reach and which point you are currently in. If you think that the efficiency is declining, it warns you about it.

Zia knows what you want to do, understands your daily routine over time and advises you to do your work automatically.

Lead Scoring System

With the scoring feature, you can group your leads according to your working order. You can strengthen your communication with your prospects by customizing the positive and negative points according to your needs. For example; you can give your customer a higher score than the more unstable. 

Manage Your Business Efficiently With Automations

Zoho CRM lets you do the best work you do - to sell and allows you to focus sales. Automate your team's routine work, speed up your processes and increase sales efficiency by touching more customers at the same time. 

Automatically Save Customers to CRM Who is Currently Visiting Your Website 

Automatically assign the leads in CRM according to the industry, according to the city to the relevant sales representative and inform to the sales manager.

Create Email Templates

Create templates for emails you send frequently.Send the emails you send continuously to hundreds of your customers in a few seconds.

Create Templates for Offers and Contracts 

Automate your bids

Create Proposal and Contract templates.

Deliver special offer files to your customers in seconds and send them to your customers

Create Lead Candidates with Various Automation Methods 

Easily get your customer forms to CRM with APIs, Forms and other automation methods.

Send Automated E-mails 

Automatically send messages to prospects by identifying the criteria. 

Don't waste your time following routine jobs, focus on the right customers and selling

Develop and Write Your Own Workflows 

Improve and streamline your workflows. Set your business rules. Send alerts about delayed jobs to your team with alert emails. Follow the tasks to be performed with automatic task assignments.

Coordinate Your Sales and Marketing Departments 

Zoho CRM strengthens sales-marketing and similar department coordination with many features. Unlike other CRM systems, Zoho CRM contains most of the development and adaptations.

Improve Your Teams Performance 

Follow all your team's performance via CRM. With the Feeds feature, you can follow live sales opportunities, projects and many other breakdowns to see what goes well in your company and what isn't going well.

Create Advanced Reports

You no longer need to spend hours in programs like Excel to prepare reports. Create reports on your CRM and save them in dashboards and share them with your team.

Control All Channels 

Take lead management under your control. You can measure your web forms, digital channels and all other channels by integrating them into CRM and increase the profitability of these channels.

Use the Card Scanner Application

With Zoho's Card Scanner application, you can take pictures of your business cards collected from fairs or other events, and instantly save them to your CRM system.

Use CRM With Your Smartphone

You can also use the Zoho CRM system from mobile. By downloading the free application of Zoho CRM on your smartphone, you can access CRM from anywhere.

Integrations Without Coding

Take advantage of Zoho CRM's existing integrations with many popular applications on the market. You can also easily integrate Zoho CRM with other systems. Zoho CRM also has CRM integration with all Zoho applications.

Start Using Next-Generation CRM 

Say goodbye to oldschool CRM screens. Improve your employees motivation by using a simple and eye-catching CRM with Zoho CRM. In addition, Zoho CRM has many new features that you have never seen before.

Enter CRM Without Your Internet Connection

Access Zoho CRM even when you don't have internet. You can save your work offline in CRM, all the transactions you do offline will registered in Zoho CRM when you connect to the internet later.

Meet Social CRM 

Connect your customers Facebook and Twitter profiles to your Zoho CRM system. View your customers social media activities via CRM and have a deeper understanding of them. 

Get Detailed Reports with Maps and Geographical Analyzes 

You can make geographic analyzes and prepare more detailed reports on a regional basis with the maps on Zoho CRM.

Store Your Important Files on Zoho CRM

You can share all kinds of documents related to templates, sales catalogs, contract samples with your sales team and manage them within CRM.