Corporate Mail System

With Zoho Mail Service, you can use a Mail System in your company without installing server and you can use it easily with all your office workers.

You can use Zoho Mail, which includes File Storage Spaces and File Sharing, Meeting and Calendar Management and many other modules, without needing an IT Department.

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An Integrative Package for Your Office

You can have Zoho Mail with your own file storage. You can send your files in the storage area to the person you want via Zoho Mail. You can also plan all your meetings, events or other organizations from your calendar in Zoho Mail. 

Easy to Install and Easy to Use 

You don't need to install Server to use Zoho Mail. With Zoho Mail you just only log in with your username and password and start using it.

Integrated Mail System with CRM 

Zoho Mail Service is ready to use with Zoho CRM. You can easily integrate ZohoMail and Zoho CRM. You can also integrate Zoho Mail with other CRM systems in a very simple way. 

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Other Highlighted Feature

Custom Domain

Filters and Advanced Search

Office 365 Integration

Double Factor Authentication

Group and User Management

IOS and Android Mobile Apps

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