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Zoho MarketingHub is your new marketing platform that you can manage all of your marketing activities across multiple channels. With the MarketingHub's assistance you can optimize your lead processes, generate more leads, convert them to customers and retain them longer.

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Lead Tracking

You can track how many leads you have earned from your channels or a single page from Zoho MarketingHub. You can track which pages your leads are focusing on your website, segment your leads, and score your leads on the system and transfer your qualified leads to your sales team.

Behavioral Analysis For Your Web Site

Zoho MarketingHub üzerinden, web sitenizi ziyaret eden kullanıcıların hangi sayfaları ne kadar gezdiği, yeni ve geri dönen kullanıcı rakamları, web sitenizden indirilen dosyalar ve benzeri birçok web analitik kırılımını alabilirsiniz.

You can get various web analytics reports from Zoho MarketingHub with, which pages are visited by users visiting your website, new and returning user numbers, files downloaded from your website, and lots of other web analytic metrics are available on Zoho MarketingHub.

Mobile Application Tracking

You can track and get detailed analysis for your mobile application on Zoho MarketingHub and optimize your user experience (UX).

Optimize Your Lead Processes

Through Zoho MarketingHub, you can track, analyze and optimize your leads starting from the lead creation process to conversion process and create exclusive otomations on these processes.

Create your unique lead processes with diagrams and increase your sales by optimizing your lead processes.

Display Your ROI

With the campaign planner in Zoho MarketingHub, you can calculate the conversions of your marketing investments (ROIs) and optimize your budget and use them more effectively.

Within the campaign planner, you can set the desired goals for your desired channels and follow these goals with the budget you spend.

Advanced Analytics

You can get detailed reports based on source, referrals, session time and conversion for your leads through Zoho MarketingHub.

You can track and analyze the leads you earn from all channels through a single portal.

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