Get 40+ Software in One Package

Get a package that includes more than 40 applications and a CRM system for all your employees with affordable prices.

Get Rid of the Trouble of Integration

You no longer have to integrate. All programs in the Zoho One Package are ready for use with Zoho CRM.       

Special Solutions for Each Department

Providing solutions for Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management and many other departments in a single package can be offered to all your employees.

Start Mobile Work

From now on you can follow your business from anywhere. You can use free applications for both IOS and Anroid for all programs included in Zoho One Package.               

To have over 40 programs in one package;

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Some Applications Included In Zoho One Bundle

Zoho CRM

New Generation CRM System


E-mail Marketing and Mass Mailing


Project Management Application


In-house Expense Management Application


360 Degree HR Solution

+40 More Programs

You can have 40+ applications with Zoho One package, offering special solutions to Marketing, Finance, Office Management, Project Management and IT departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Inside Zoho One?

Zoho One contains over 40 applications. With these programs, you can manage your sales and marketing processes, increase in-house productivity and manage many of your business processes. The Zoho One plan includes the web and mobile plans of the programs. You can click for details of the programs . 

What is Not Included in Zoho One?

● Ultimate version of Zoho CRM. 
● Zoho Creator Express plans 
● Zoho Marketplace applications and extensions (you can add Zoho Marketplace applications from Zoho One applications.) 
● New 'Domain Name' registration 

What Features Does Zoho One Programs Have?

All of the applications you will have with Zoho One are licensed as Enterprise. Enterprise version is the most powerful version and includes all capabilities / features. 

How can I adapt the system to my company's business processes?

As Cloudyflex, we offer you all kinds of consulting, adaptation and training services in order to use Zoho system efficiently. For more information about our services, please click here. 

How do I pay?

If you wish to pay, you can buy directly from Zoho by credit card or through Cloudyflex. Bank transfers are also accepted for annual payments.

If payment is made by credit card to Zoho, you must give Zoho the "Additional VAT Return".

If you have questions about payment, you can contact [email protected]

How do I get training?

As Cloudyflex, we offer all kinds of training services to your team so that you can start using the Zoho system. For more information about our services, please click here. 

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