Integrated Human Resources Bundle: Zoho People

With all the integrated applications within Zoho People Plus, you can give your company employees a holistic and digital HR experience.

Talent Acquisition
Skill Management
Core HR
Staff Management
Talent Acquisition

You can use Recruitment Processes below on your Recruitment Platform which comes with the Zoho People Plus Bundle;

  • Prospective Resource Management
  • CV Management
  • Application Tracking System
  • Recruitment and Recruiting Processes / Onboarding
  • Proposal Management (with E-Signature Option)
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Skill Management

You can accelerate the development of your employees with talent management within the applications that come in the Zoho People Plus Package. You can also find;

  • Performance Management
  • Targets & KRA's (Key Responsibility Areas)
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Training Management

features on the bundle.
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Core HR

Thanks to the automation processes of the applications included in the Zoho People Plus Package, we are making your processes easier for you and your employees. You can find the features below;

  • Time and Participation Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Document Management / Intranet System
  • Expense Management
  • Advanced Employee Reports

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Staff Management

With the applications included in the Zoho People Plus Package, you can offer your employees social platforms where they can be motivated and perform better. You can find the features below;

  • Social Wall for Employees
  • Self Service with Bots and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Enterprise Chat System (Mobile Supported)

on this bundle.
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