Who is Zoho?

Zoho is a global IT services company offering online business applications. With the usage Zoho software, customers can run business processes such as sales, marketing, social media, after-sales service, finance, human resources, manage their information and data, and work more efficiently in the office or outside. With Zoho, you will no longer need expensive and outdated hardware or software. 

35 Million Users

Reaching over 35 million users worldwide, Zoho offers solutions for both personal and corporations.

6500 Employees in Global 

With more than 6500 employees, Zoho Global develops its existing programs and continues to offer new solutions to new departments.

Over 40 Applications

Zoho offers 40+ solutions for all departments with its work applications and continues to expand its product range day by day.

Between Global Leaders 
Zoho is a leading industry leader in the sector, providing all the business softwares that a modern institution needs, especially CRM