Our Project & Consultancy Services on Zoho Applications

Ready Flex

Our service package with a ready to use implemented CRM system & training.

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Start Flex

Our rapid project service package.

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Key Flex

Our turnkey consultancy, implementation and training service.

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Dyna Flex

Our service for short-term and urgent cases.

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Our Training & Support Services on Zoho Applications

Train Flex

Our special training service for teams who want to learn about Zoho applications.

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Call Flex

Our special service for teams who want to receive monthly support services based on credits and minutes.

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When should I get project & consultancy services?

IT Departmanına çözüm

If you don't have an IT department or team

If you do not have an IT team in your company, we recommend that you take advantage of our Project Packages.

In these packages, Cloudyflex makes your process analysis and due to these outputs, the Zoho Systems you will use are installed and delivered on your behalf by Cloudyflex.

microsoft dynamics salesforce logo bitrix24 zohoya transfer

If you are going to migrate to Zoho

If there is an IT team in your company and you have a system that you already use and you want to move this system to Zoho, we recommend you to take advantage of Cloudyflex Project Packages.

At these stages, you can move your old system to the new Zoho System that you will use with the analysis and support of the Cloudyflex team.

crme yeni başlayanlar için uzman eğitim

If you are going to use a CRM system for the first time

Along with the Project and Consultancy Packages you will receive through Cloudyflex, we will also be sharing with you how Zoho Systems can be used effectively.

If your company has not used a CRM system before, thanks to our project and consultancy services, you will be able to use the Zoho Products you purchased competently at the end of your Project Process and you will not need any consultancy again.

whatsapp facebook twitter google adwords alotech zoho crm entegrasyonu

If you want to use Zoho CRM and other Zoho Apps with advanced integrations

If you want to integrate Zoho into a branded or special system that you use, or if you want to use it integrated with all popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Adwords and similar, you can choose our Project and Consultancy Packages to have the Cloudyflex team perform these integration processes for you.

crm süreçlere özel zoho crm

If you want to use a customized CRM system answering your unique processes

Zoho CRM and most of Zoho's other systems are open to customization, allowing companies to create their own process-specific systems.

By using our Project Packages, Cloudyflex will create your system that brings solutions to your own processes, specific only to your company, and delivered to you due to the analysis that the Cloudyflex team will make for you.

crm proje ve danışmanlık fiyatlandırma

Why don't we share our prices on project and consultancy services?

In our Project and Consultancy Services, we listen and analyze the processes of the companies and make their own project for each company.

Since the processes and needs of each company vary, we do not share any prices for our Project and Consultancy Packages on our website, we prepare and present your special offers when you reach us and convey your needs to us.